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You can find out how strong an alcoholic drink is by checking the label – this often shows the number of alcohol ‘units’.  Units are a good standard for measuring the level of alcohol you’re drinking and for comparing the strength of different drinks.  Remember, we should not drink more than 14 units a week for both men and women.


How to get in control of your drinking

Not drinking in situations where the effect of alcohol will put you or someone else at risk

Safe drinking guidelines do not apply, i.e. are void, if you are driving, planning to become pregnant/are pregnant, certain medical or mental health conditions and/or you are having trouble controlling your drinking

After period of heavy drinking, avoid drinking alcohol for 48 hours – this will allow the body time to recover from the strains of heavy drinking, especially in regards to your liver.

Techniques for cutting down your drinking – A few handy tips

  • Choose a date to start cutting down your drinking and stick to it
  • Setting a specific limit on a daily/weekly basis
  • Plan to do other activities than drinking; sport, reading etc
  • Think about positive reasons for drinking less and the resulting benefits
  • Remembering its okay to say NO – don’t be pressured into drinking by other people. Choose a soft drink instead

What will I gain from drinking less?

  • Fewer hangovers, headaches and stomach upsets
  • Improved concentration and a clear head
  • More money – work out how much you’ve spent on alcohol during the last week, and see the difference when you cut back
  • Time and energy for activities other than drinking
  • New sense of being in control and feeling fitter
  • Fewer arguments and rows with family and friends
  • Less risks of health implications; reduce chances of putting on weight, curb high blood pressure and pressure on liver

How can One Recovery help?

At One Recovery we understand the all-encompassing nature of alcohol addiction, and the dangerous implications that drinking too much can have on your health and social life – we realise it may not be an easy step to recognise that you have a problem with your drinking, but interacting with our service is a step in the right direction.

To get in contact with our services and see how we can help you, check out our service page, and/or for more information on substance use go to our resource page where you can find an array of downloadable publications and links.

Bury Lifestyle Service

For information contact the Lifestyle Service in Bury. They can provide free personalised support and advice to help you to lead a healthier lifestyle including drinking sensibly, stopping smoking, improve your sleep, eat healthier and manage your weight.  Call 0161 253 7554, email [email protected] or visit and

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