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By Adele, ADS Volunteer


Working for ADS One Recovery has been a positive experience, from gaining new knowledge in the addiction and recovery process to helping hundreds of people who contact us for help, even if it’s just for someone to point them in the right direction.

Some individuals contact us in deep despair, and we feel really privileged as a team to be on the other end responding to them and sourcing the most appropriate support for them.

ADS isn’t just for those who are struggling with addiction, we have many people contact us who are partner’s, son’s, daughter’s, and friends of those who are struggling with addiction seeking support on how they can help their loved ones.

Most people do not realise they have many local services available to them and that’s how we can help make sure they are fully informed of their local services.

So far, it’s been a pleasure to offer that support and guidance and we soon hope to offer this help in a more direct face to face approach!

We have a great group of enthusiastic and motivated volunteers waiting to help those who contact ADS.

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