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The last five years saw drastic changes in the commissioning landscape. As local authorities were dealt cut after cut, organisations providing services such as ADS were forced to work with the tightest budgets that they had ever experienced. However, as core service funding was consequently being drastically reduced, the need for our services has been growing faster than ever before. We’ve realised that huge multi-service commissioning isn’t working for everyone, and that too many people are being left behind or lost in the system. We’ve decided that chasing contracts means we can’t do the holistic, people-focussed work that we started 50 years ago in Manchester, so we’re going to do things our way from now on, with grass-roots peer-focussed support coming directly to you in the heart of your community. We’re just building things back up at the moment, but we’ll be with you soon. Let’s make a difference.


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Alcohol and Drug Support by ADS (Addiction Dependency Solutions)
Charity Number: 702559
Company Number: 01990365