We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Staffordshire County Council we have been awarded £1.89m from central government to deliver an integrated family support service across Staffordshire.

The Intensive Family Support Service (IFSS) works with families where parental substance misuse is causing significant concern to the extent where consideration is being given to the child/children being taken into local authority care. Once referred, the family is supported by a specialist worker who works very closely with the whole family over 4-6 weeks building confidence by using existing skills and empowering families to achieve the best outcome.

Dr Richard Harling, Director of Health and Care at Staffordshire County Council said, “I am delighted that we have been rewarded by Life Chances Fund with this great opportunity. It demonstrates true collaborative working with local authorities and charities to improve people’s lives. We have a great working relationship with ADS and are so pleased that this funding allows for the IFS service to expand and continue to support families across Staffordshire.”

Lady Rhona Bradley, CEO of ADS said, “This funding allows us to continue this much valued service. Supporting families in new, innovative ways lies at the heart of ADS, I am very proud of the work that our staff and the commissioners have done to achieve this result and believe it is a sign of things to come for future projects.”

The funding comes in part from the government’s Life Chances Fund which aims to tackle entrenched social issues including drug and alcohol dependency and services for children and young people. The social investor for this service is Big Issue Invest who offer investment to third sector organisations that seek to make a positive difference for people and communities across the UK.

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