#RecoveryXmas – An alternative take on our Christmas Appeal

An alternative, but just as important, take on our Christmas Appeal – read on to read this funny and thought provoking piece by Brian Rooney, a volunteer from One Recovery Bury and part of the service user run Klick Klak film production group in Bury.

The following is a conversation overheard in a Manchester department store – In the interests of national security the names and location have not been changed.

“HO HO HO! Come and sit on my knee young man and tell Santa what you would like for Christmas”

“Well, first of all THAT will not be happening, I mean for gods sake man, we are roughly the same age! So the knee sitting thing is a no no but thanks anyway. I hate to put a downer on you brother cringle but for some this is not the most wonderful time of the year.”

“HEE HEE HEE! Yes I know, it can be very stressful for me and my helpers you know”

“Some people need helpers, and I dont mean mommys little helpers, just to get through this time of year without breaking down under the pressure to join in the festivities”

“HAW HAW HAW! Yes I have to make sure my breakdown cover is up to date with the sleigh, you know it gets more expensive every year”

“Not that kind of breakdown you idiot, I mean people who may find themselves coping with their first Christmas in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse, or they may have been in recovery for years but still find this a time of great stress”

“HI HI HI! What can I and my elves do to help these poor people?”

“They are not poor people! They might just need someone to talk to or some support, you know like whatever is holding up those ridiculous red trousers you’re wearing. If you want to help I know just the thing, ADS (Addiction Dependency Solutions) have a JustGiving Xmas Appeal running to provide three people who can give support services every evening and at weekends during the festive period.”

“HHH HHH HHH! I feel kind of silly now in this get up”

“No problem, you’re just earning a quid and fair play to you, although with your ridiculous clothes, big red face and unkempt hair maybe you could access some recovery help yourself?”

Now the important bit, visit https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/addiction-dependency-solutions/christmasfamilysupport and give generously if you can, what a difference a donation makes.

Brian Rooney

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