ADS attending Parliament and hitting the airwaves on addiction to prescription drugs

ADS have long championed the issue of Addiction to Prescription Drugs, and the difference our dedicated services make to those who have become involuntary dependent on their prescribed medication.  However, last week saw a flurry of activity regarding the issue; firstly, we attended the All Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Prescribed Drug Dependence in parliament, and secondly, ADS’ Oldham Addiction to Prescription Drug service was featured on a high profile investigation on BBC Radio 5Live.

Making the trip down to London on Wednesday 19th October, ADS attended the APPG on Prescribed Drug Dependence in the House of Lords in Parliament.  A high turnout of stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and differing disciplines led to a thorough and interesting discussion on the issue. Key points included:

–          The need for more dedicated services targeting the issue

–          Highlighting that where such services are present that they make a huge impact

–          Doctors need more training and support on the issue

Building upon this successful meeting, ADS further raised the profile of addiction to prescription drugs, by informing and featuring on BBC Radio 5Live’s ‘Adrian Goldberg Investigates’ on Sunday 23rd October.  The hour long programme featured a moving interview with Linda, a patient of our Oldham Addiction to Prescription Drug service, who bravely described the all-encompassing nature of addiction to such prescribed medication and the dangerous spiral it creates, and an additional interview with Janet Sewart, a commissioner from Oldham Public Health team, who described the complexities of commissioning these services and the subsequent benefit and results of the proactive partnership between ADS and the local authority. You can listen to the radio programme here:

Being part of such discussions ensures that ADS continue to be seen as the experts by experience on addiction to prescription drugs, and one of a few dedicated charities across the country committed to raising awareness and provision of dedicated services.

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