Bridge House Impresses!

Bridge House, our rehab in Preston, has recently had CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspectors visit the service as part of the national programme to ensure quality standards of care.

Bridge House is a 24hr rehab unit – situated in a former church building, the service offers a number of individual rooms for those moving on from addiction and embracing a life free from substances.  Individuals’ stay at Bridge is split into two parts; communal living with separate bedrooms in the initial phases of their stay, and then a progression to self-contained flats to encourage independent living and prepare individuals for the next steps in their recovery from addiction.

CQC inspectors spent a number of days at Bridge House, examining how the service is run, what we offer and the impact we make.

Some particular highlights from the report include:

  • Groups were well facilitated and well structured
  • There were good links with local recovery communities
  • Clients were actively involved in their care and were able to raise any issues in community meetings
  • Morale was good and the team worked well together
  • Clients engaged in community activities to prepare them for discharge

We are proud to provide a service that makes such a difference to people’s lives.  The CQC report highlights and recognises the quality interventions that we deliver and the management of Bridge House, however, it did also highlight a few areas that we can improve our performance on.  Such observations are key to ensuring we continue to provide a high quality of care that recognises client’s aims and ambitions and helps them to achieve their goals.  We will continue to ensure Bridge House’s high standards, and look to improve our performance on areas that we know we can be rated outstanding.

Finally, a big thank you to the Bridge House staff – without them we wouldn’t be providing such a vital and well received service.

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