Rising prescription drug abuse in Britain

ADS welcomes latest study on prescription drug abuse.

The study, published in the BMC Psychiatry journal, has highlighted the ongoing problem across Europe in relation to prescription drug abuse. Dr Novak, lead author of the paper, calls for collaboration across Europe and the development of interventions. In response to this, ADS would like to highlight that we have been campaigning for dedicated services to treat those suffering from prescription drug addiction for a number of years, and have an evidenced and successful model of treatment that specifically targets those who have become addicted to prescription drugs – please see the link below


To meet this evident demand, we have a long standing Addiction to Prescription Drug service in Oldham and Bury. Based across the communities of Oldham and Bury, our service is outreach based, working with GP surgeries to provide help and support to those who are suffering from addiction to prescription drugs.

ADS welcomes any new research into such an unseen problem and are calling for all substance misuse providers to take this issue seriously. To reach the many people across the UK who are facing such issues, ADS advocate the introduction of dedicated prescription drug addiction services across the country.

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