A message from the CEO

One Recovery Staffordshire continues to put clients at the centre of what we do.

Those of us in the profession of providing public services are always going to feel the bite and restraint of the fluctuating economic climate, and whilst this may present us with challenges, we have a duty to continue to provide high quality services for our clients.

One Recovery Staffordshire is, and should always be, about changing lives.  Our clients come through our doors from various backgrounds, circumstances and differing needs – it is our obligation to provide them with the necessary support, skills and confidence to move forward in their lives, secure employment, rebuild family relationships and achieve a life free from the struggles associated with substance misuse.


Whilst the current climate presents us with difficulties, in testing times we always work together, listen to concerns and adapt and modernise to ensure that our focus remains on providing a quality of care that utilises our staffs skills and abilities, and clients receive the person centred services that they deserve – we will continue in this vein, representing the communities that we serve.

Over the next few months some difficult decisions will have to be made, however, as part of our commitment to staff and clients, we will be working to safeguard our services against any detrimental impacts and guarantee that One Recovery continues to be a progressive substance misuse service that puts our beneficiaries at the centre of what we do.

We will be continuing to communicate any such developments over the next few months, ensuring that you are part of the change.

Rhona Bradley – CEO Addiction Dependency Solutions

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