Skydiving Erika makes the difference for One Recovery Staffordshire!

We always appreciate any donation to our services, but not many reach the heights of our latest donation!  Erika Morris, whose father was a client at One Recovery, has recently completed a sponsored skydive for One Recovery Cannock in Staffordshire, and has raised the amazing amount of £1,289!

We want to say a big thank you to Erika for going to such lengths to raise money for our service, all the proceeds will go directly to One Recovery Cannock, improving the service and ensuring that people like Erika’s dad can continue to find the vital help and support that they need.

You can find more info on Erika’s skydive in honour of her dad here:

Erika_Skydive_Staffordshire_01 Erika_Skydive_Staffordshire_02

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