One Recovery Oldham Website Launches

One Recovery Oldham, the pioneering substance misuse partnership for Oldham, has launched its new intervention based website:

The aim of the website is to connect with those who feel they may have a drink and/or drugs problem with services in Oldham – with a particular emphasis on engaging those who are less likely to seek help via traditional methods.

As we have seen from the latest change in alcohol guidelines – it is now recommended that both men and women do not drink more than 14 units a week, and no more than 4 units at a time – and the recent suggestion from the UK’s Chief Medical Officer that we should think carefully about the implications of our drinking on our health and its relation to cancer, it is obvious that our alcohol consumption is increasingly having detrimental effects upon our health and social life.  This, combined with the rising tide of new psychoactive substances (legal highs) and increasing numbers of those addicted to prescription drug, presents a vital need for public health services like One Recovery; One Recovery Oldham aims to offer innovative interventions whilst raising awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drug addiction and providing easy routes into services.

Utilising a bespoke test function, website users will be prompted to complete a 10 question assessment on their drink or drug use once landing upon the website holding page, this will provide a score and then subsequently direct the user to one of two interventions; the Oldham service page with contact details and enquiry form, or an awareness page with material and advice about alcohol and drugs.

The website will also provide useful and engaging awareness information on alcohol and drugs, a resource centre featuring downloads and links to external sites, an ability for individuals to engage with our services via enquiry forms, and an additional separate recovery page with links to each recovery centre and updates on timetables, events and activities.

Gary Oulds, ADS One Recovery Service Delivery Director, said;

“At One Recovery we see the dangerous consequences of high levels of alcohol and drug consumption every day, however, we also see the improvements that individuals make to their lives, recovering from the grips of substance abuse and contributing to society again.
The One Recovery Oldham website will be an engaging and interactive tool to appeal to all members of the community, providing drug and alcohol awareness and a new form of entry into services.”
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