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We have an exciting new family service in Staffordshire.  Commissioned by Staffordshire County Council, the project will be a two year pilot, working intensively with families who are at risk of having a child removed from them and placed into local authority care.  The project is based on an ‘invest to save’ rationale, whereby the money invested in the project will provide costs savings by preventing children going into care.

The project will involve workers having a caseload of one family at a time and working with them intensively for four weeks, including evenings and weekends and on call duties, to stabilise the family and avoid children having to go into care.

The team will be highly specialised, with sufficient qualifications and skills to deliver this exciting an innovative service, helping the communities of Staffordshire and ensuring stable and positive family units.

The project will be provided by Addiction Dependency Solutions alongside the current One Recovery Partnership in Staffordshire.

If you want to part of this vibrant and exciting service, please have a look at our vacancy page – we are recruiting a number of roles within this specialised team. http://adsolutions.org.uk/work-with-us

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