BBC Films at Manchester RISE service

Last week saw a BBC TV crew head to Manchester Rise, our city centre service at 87 Oldham Street.  As part of a series of short films on drug use across the UK, the TV crew were in Manchester to focus on needle exchanges and changing drug trends in the city, with particular emphasis on heroin and steroid use.

As first point of contact for anyone struggling with their drug use in the city, we were able to provide the BBC with  frontline experience of the reality of providing a service in an inner city urban area.  Using thought provoking anecdotal evidence, as well as facts and figures to illustrate what we achieve, we were able to effectively convey the hard, often chaotic, but ultimately rewarding nature of providing a service that helps people acknowledge their drug misuse, and seek the vital help and support needed to take steps towards their recovery from drug addiction.

As busy needle exchange in the heart of the city, 87 was the perfect setting to illustrate the nature of heroin addiction, and the many life situations those who interact with our services find themselves in.  Additionally, it was an apt reminder that the stigma associated with heroin use can often be misleading, with an increasing number of people using the service due to steroid use, an unreported and growing problem across the UK.

We are always looking to showcase the vital work our service do every day, so make sure you tune in next year when the series will be aired on BBC 3 online.

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