TV Crew Visit One Recovery Oldham

Last month saw a BBC TV crew brave the Oldham drizzle to visit our One Recovery Addiction to Prescription Drug Service.  ADS have been providing addiction to prescription drug services in Oldham for over 10 years; the service has been duly recognised as being a vital part of local provision and its important work acknowledged by policy makers and Westminster politicians.

The TV crew were filming for an upcoming show following doctors assigned to treat the whole health needs of families.  In one such family, an individual was recognised to be suffering from addiction to prescription drugs.  As the local service provider, One Recovery Oldham was seen as the next step for the individual to seek the help and support they needed.  Luckily for them, One Recovery Oldham is only a handful of substance misuse services across the country that has a dedicated service designed to treat this often involuntary addiction.

Our specialist Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Worker saw the individual in their doctors surgery in Oldham to offer the targeted help and support they needed to overcome their involuntary addiction to prescription drugs.

The TV crew were able to film the positive changes we achieve everyday across our services, and was a great opportunity to showcase the essential work our Addiction to Prescription Drug Service does and represent One Recovery Oldham and ADS.

The programme will air later this year.

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