One Recovery Oldham

The new integrated drug and alcohol recovery service for Oldham


ADS is proud to announce that we have been awarded the contract to provide integrated substance misuse service for the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham.  The new service, One Recovery Oldham, is an exciting and ambitious service that will make treatment more accessible to the wider community and promote recovery from substance misuse.

It is a guiding principle for ADS to treat individual’s substance misuse as part of a wider all-encompassing whole person care approach.  We do not see addiction and dependency in isolation – they can be influenced by, and impact many aspects of our lives.  Therefore, One Recovery Oldham, as an innovative partnership tailored to the local area, places an emphasis on improving individual’s wellbeing across a range of outcomes, including; employment, accommodation, criminal justice and mental health.

With this philosophy we will provide a service that boosts aspiration, living standards, community cohesion and promotes a safer and healthier Oldham for all.

Describing the new service, ADS Chief Executive Officer, Lady Rhona Bradley, said; “One Recovery Oldham is a pioneering partnership that has come together in challenging times to provide a cost effective integrated drug and alcohol treatment service for the people of Oldham.

“We are delighted to be offered the opportunity to deliver integrated substance misuse services for Oldham.  ADS has a long history of providing first rate care for our clients, in Oldham and further afield; alcohol and drug abuse has significant impact on health and wellbeing and wider detriments to society – we are committed to providing a service that places the client at the centre of what we deliver and promotes change in Oldham.”

One Recovery Oldham is an abstinence based service delivered in partnership between Addiction Dependency Solutions (ADS), Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Acorn Project Treatment & Housing, Sodexo Justice Services and Intuitive Recovery.

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