One Recovery Staffordshire Staff & Partner Meeting

On Friday 2nd May Addiction Dependency Solutions (ADS) hosted a welcome meeting for all staff subject to potential TUPE transfer to One Recovery Staffordshire.  Over 100 potential members of staff attended from all the outgoing providers.

The welcome meeting was an opportunity to showcase the future One Recovery Staffordshire service, and allowed all partners involved in One Recovery Staffordshire to introduce themselves and give a snapshot of their organisation.

ADS kick-started the day with an animated video about the charities history and culture; with speeches thereafter from ADS Chief Executive, Rhona Bradley; Dr Derrett Watts from North Staffs Combined NHS Trust; Lisa Reilly from Arch North Staffordshire Housing;  Andrew Humberstone from Brighter Futures and Liz Johnson from Changes Health & Wellbeing.

The welcome meeting was the perfect opportunity to introduce the various partners that will be delivering One Recovery Staffordshire.  Meetings will continue to take place over the next couple of weeks in regards to TUPE, with one-to-one meetings to follow.

Thank you to everyone who attended the day.

One Recovery Staffordshire

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