World Mental Health Day

This Saturday, 10th October, is World Mental Health Day. 

Mental health has often been seen as the poor relation in comparison to physical health, receiving less funding and attention, however, in reality mental health can affect anyone, from all walks of life, different incomes and varying ages.   Thankfully this is being increasingly acknowledged; political parties and public institutions have recognized the need for parity with physical health, and to invest in services and cut current waiting times.

Nevertheless, it is up to charities like ADS to make strides in our provision as well.  Those suffering from substance addiction will most likely be facing additional mental health problems, whether these are low level or serious.  It is our duty to ensure that mental health is acknowledged in our services and that we work with our clients to get the help they need – this can be through talking therapies administered by us, or guarantying that we have efficient referral routes in place for those with more serious mental health problems.

Mental health is a big priority for ADS and we are proud to say we are doing our bit to raise awareness and ensure our clients receive the help they need across their life course.

You can find out more info about World Mental Health Day here:

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